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Wildflowers and Weeds

Ah the elusive Scarlet Pimpernel. Here it is. And perhaps I would never had discovered it until recently - when I decided to think of weeds as wild flowers.

I always hated dandelions. Popping up in places they are not welcome, spreading themselves out and pushing their roots deep down under the ground. The pleasure of pulling them out - their roots as big as parsnips - spoilt by the bare patch they leave behind and the knowledge that they would have launched hundreds of seeds so that they would reappear again and again.

But then I discovered that they are a rich source of food for bees, especially in Spring. And as I love bees more than I hate dandelions I would - albeit grudgingly - allow them to stay.

And so the yellow flowers waited until quite suddenly the perfect white spheres of seeds appear. When does that happen? Yesterday there were flowers and today they are fluffy, perfect white globes.

And then I began to stop and notice more and more weeds. In cracks on the pavements, climbing up brick walls and sprouting out from rooftops. Tangles of dusty rags of leaves.

And peering out amongst those untidy rambling stems here were some of the most exquisite flowers, each one perfectly formed.

Tiny petals, streaked white and pink as if they were painted by a water colour artist.

Delicate white bells, dangling from nettles.

Lilac bowls, hanging like miniature ball gowns.

I am going to find out more about weeds, starting by joining a walk and a talk in London - always a good way to learn. And I will share what I find out on


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