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The Paddock

"The Paddock" evokes images of horses grazing, a country scene with fresh air and lush, green grass. But a visit to The Paddock a few years ago would have come as a terrible shock.

Once a sports ground and then abandoned and used for horses to graze on, then abandoned once more the site became overgrown to such an extent that it was almost inpenetrable. And the inside of this patch of land was litter strewn and squalid - a sorry, depressing sight.

But now the space is undergowing a transformation. Paths have been cleared and lead past the woodlands where petrichor lingers. Petrichor is the smell of the earth and air after the rain. It may last longer here because we are on an island, surrounded by the waters of the River Lea.

One of the many paths around The Paddock

Stroll along the path by the woodland and listen to the delicate sound of the long tailed tits and blue tits. They may be hidden away as they flit between the branches but other birds are easier to see: a heron may be standing as still as a statue and a wood pigeon balances on the bough of a tree.

Over in the corner a pond has been created by people and enhanced by nature. The Paddock provides a variety of habitats - wet and dry. The old River Lea flows along its Eastern edge with reed beds and aquatic plants providing cover for creatures.

The Pond

The Paddock is a sanctuary for birds, butterflies and bees - and now for people who can visit and witness the transformation. Humans and nature are working in harmony to provide a space for the many residents who are moving into the high rise blocks nearby so that they can escape into the countryside.

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