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Candlemass Day

Candlemass Day on 2nd February is half way between mid winter's day and the first day of spring.

It is time to look for the early signs that the seasons change and that we will be leaving the long, dark days of winter behind us.

So on that dull, cold day I headed for Liverpool Street Station, close to the centre of the city. The pavements here are shaded from the tall buildings, sheltered from storms and brightly lit so that the passing seasons are barely noticable.

But head East, with a short stroll to Brick Lane, through the contrasting streets where expensive shops and restaurants sit side by side with the grimness of the East End, and here is Spitalfields City Farm.

The cockerel is screeching and the giant hog is snorting. The goats and donkeys watch and wait, silently. They turn away as anyone approaches, still seeking shelter from the cold wind and not in the mood yet to be photographed.

But here there are signs of early spring: daffodils and snow drops have poked their shoots out of the earth and are blooming.

Spring will come. And it is time to plan visits to the countryside of London, using the maps and information on these pages.


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