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Vale of Health on Hampstead Heath

One way to arrive at the Vale of Health on Hampstead Heath is to cross the road from Hampstead Heath station and walk along the path lined with gigantic trees where people in the distance seem to become smaller and smaller.

Tiny figures can be seen walking in the distance

The walk across East Heath to the Vale is hilly and always worth exploring with paths that curve this way and that, up and down and through a landscape that is varied and ever changing with the seasons.

Spring Time

There are some unexpected surprises hidden amongst the trees - one that appears to be a lone cottage in the woods.

A house in the woods?

And another - a round, brick building. quaint and mysterious by a river.

A watch house by the river

In Winter there are eerie scenes of dead trees.

Sinister beings

And even in the brightness of spring, strange monsters seem to loom up and stretch out towards people passing by.

Dead trees can appear malevolent

And there are quiet lanes along the way, where gentle walks can be taken.

A quiet way to walk

And water, always tranquil and calming to anyone who loves to wander in the countryside of the capital.

A pond in The Vale

The Vale of Health on Hampstead Heath - a place to escape into the countryside and endless opportunities for imagination and creativity.

Hampstead Heath Station


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