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Spitalfields City Farm

Just a short walk from the gleaming office towers of Bishopgate on the edge of the Square Mile here we can find a farm - Spitalfields City Farm. This location was once a railway goods depot and now there are donkeys and goats out on the grass as well as a huge pig lazing happily in the pigsty.

Chickens and ducks are at home here and tucked away amongst the plants by the farmyard there is a beehive - the bees were rescued from a chimney stack and brought here where there is an abundance of pollen. The colourful flowers here also attract butterflies, flitting around this quiet sanctuary.

This is a mixed farm - as well as the animals there are also crops cultivated with sweetcorn growing strong and succulent amongst a wide variety of salad and fruit and vegetables.

In the farm shop there is produce from the farm for sale as well as crafts. And after watching the animals and enjoying this escape from the city the quaint wooden building that serves as the farm shop invites us in.

Walk from Shoreditch High Street Station or Bethnal Green Station


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