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Primrose Hill

Primrose Hill - once a place where wolves howled, hiding away in the trees at the top of the hill and where a King decided that it would be a great location for his hunting chase. And where meadowland spread down its slope.

Primrose Hill

Now it provides the ideal location for the story of 101 Dalmations - close to the centre of London and still a wide, open space which is preserved in its natural state against all the odds with so many attempts and plans over the years to build upon it.

Climb to the top of the hill to watch the sunrise or the sunset. Stroll along the paths that criss cross the hill and look out for the lump of weather worn stone that could be a boundary marker or a milestone from times gone by beside one of the Victorian style lamps that make a night time visit here a magical experience.

A mile stone or a boundary marker?

Watch as people climb the hill and gather at the top. The scene is as if there is a ritual taking place - every day of the year. And this process endures throughout the year because from here there is a protected view of the city, spread out below their feet.

People gather at the top of the hill

Swiss Cottage Station, South Hampstead Station, Chalk Farm Station

Begin walking at the top of the hill and walk down to Regents Park - both on the North London and Central London map


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