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Old Road

This ancient public footpath, hidden away in the suburban development of Chingford, is the way that the royal hunting party would have travelled between Queen Elizabeth's Hunting Lodge and Pimp Hall.

Across the road from Barn Hoppett there is the entrance to an alleyway which runs between the houses, becoming narrower as the houses that were built here were squashed up against this public right of way which must, by the law of the land, be protected for people to travel on foot.

Entrance to the footpath that was once Old Road

The overgrown remains of the Old Road

At the end of the alleyway, cross the road and you find yourself at the entrance to Pimp Hall, which was once a farm and is now a nature reserve.

Hidden away, like the Old Road, between the suburban buildings of Chingford.

Start at Barn Hoppett and end at Pimp Hall - both on the map of East London


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