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Kentish Town City Farm

Just inside the gates of this old railway yard there is a workman's cottage whose appearance could be the same as the home of a farm labourer in the countryside.

Even though this space is in the middle of a busy and built up part of London, it is possible for people who live in the tall town houses around here to look out from their upstairs windows and see a farmyard, with great bales of hay and enormous piles of straw for the farm animals kept here.

A cow stands over by the fence, in a dreamlike state and ignoring any people who have come here to look her.

Two great fat pigs lie snoozing in the sun and the hens cluck cluck around their chicken run, pecking and preening.

Pigs at Kentish Town City Farm

From the farmyard there is a steep slope down the railway bank where goats skip around as thought they were on the side of a mountain until they decide to climb back up to their hut to lie in the bright sunshine.

One of the goats

Kentish Town City Farm is located by the intersection of railway lines that were built by the Victorians and now it provides a haven of peace away from modern living, taking us back to a time even before the railways were built here.

And where there was once smoke billowing all around, grey and dusty, now there is blossom on the trees at this city farm.

Blossom on the tree

Gospel Oak Station

North London map


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