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Highbury Fields

The grass fields close to the busy Highbury Corner in North London stretch out across the incline that reminds us that the natural landscape of London resembles a vast dent along which the River Thames flows out to sea. This open space would once have been farmed and miraculously was never built upon.

It has been preserved simply as fields. A pathway cuts diagonally across it - a route not designed and decided upon by planners but one that has been worn by thousands of footsteps as people crossed this area over many years, the London clay beneath their feet flattened and hardened.

A natural pathway

And we can follow their footsteps and appreciate the open sky above.

All around Highbury Fields there are signs of the seasons. Living in an urban environment, with continuous light and heat and flower beds that are filled with colour all year round make it easier to avoid the presence of the darkness and cold of the winter months.

But here winter gives way to the promise of spring, bringing new life, fresh hope and brighter days.

Late February crocuses

Highbury and Islingon Station

North London map


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