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Flowers on The Greenway

Escape from the main roads by cycling or walking across East London from Bow to Beckton - a path that forms part of the Capital Ring.

Join the pathway at Hackney Wick – up along an elevation that takes you alongside Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and past the sparkling new towers of flats and offices.

Here it’s possible to hire a bike – probably the best way to travel along Greenway, and as you leave behind the high rises, you find yourself almost floating over the rooftops of the houses along the way.

Here and there we see a cluster of wild plants and along the miles of Greenway some stretches have been cultivated on either side of the pathway, showing us what potential there could be in the future for even more greening of the city.

We can see from here what is possible – with the green walls and careful planting all over the Olympic Park. Perhaps one day more trees will line the Greenway, making it into an avenue.

But it is a welcome opportunity to be able to travel across East London by foot or pedal, away from traffic. And on a hot summer’s day, you can notice how much more pleasant it is to use this path as soon as you set foot on the Greenway.

More greenways are planned across London, giving people the opportunity to travel to different places and avoid the noise, danger and pollution of traffic.

Join The Greenway at Hackney Wick Station or Pudding Mill Lane Station


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