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Belsize Wood Nature Reserve

Behind the pristine white Isokon building lies a steep bank of an overgrown woodland. People may travel here from far and wide to visit the famous Art Deco block but it is this ragged jumble of woodland that attracts so many different species of birds - great tits, blue tits, long tailed tits, wrens, robins and robins.

Song thrushes - their declining population causing concern - also find Belsize Wood a place of sanctuary along with great spotted woodpeckers.

Belsize Wood

Paths lead into the deeply shaded areas and up along the rough walkway there is a pond where children can be found, poking the water gently with sticks and talking excitedly about the creatures that they can find here.

There is every shade of brown and green here and every now and again there are flowers to see, sprouting amongst the ivy creeping around.

A few clumps of flowers here and there

Many of these woodland flowers are tiny and delicate and all the more precious for adding colour and interest for people who love to get outdoors and discover these hidden spaces.

Delicate flowers in the undergrowth

Belsize Wood Station - check opening times as this is a nature reserve that is locked

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