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Adelaide Nature Reserve

This small nature reserve is on a stretch of railway embankment - so as you enter and head down the steep slope you may feel that you are trespassing on forbidden territory.

It may appear as a bit of a jumble to us humans but this little space, hidden away, provides a welcome home to a huge variety of tiny creatures - grasshoppers and crickets, butterflies and the rare yellow meadow ant.

A tangle of plants on a bright winter day

Of course any nature reserve - or even a garden, no matter how small - must have a pond in order to attract the widest variety of wildlife. Here the water comes to life in the warmer months with dragonflies, newts and water boatman.

Adelaide Pond

Many different species of birds can also be spotted here: green woodpeckers, blue, great and long tailed tits, blackbirds, wrens and robins.

And like so many other urban open spaces across London, foxes come to hide away, hunt for food and to play.

Chalk Farm Station


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